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Top Reasons to join: No monthly fee, up to 95/05, Social media, One on One training, office support.

Welcome to Team Home Realty Inc. Real Estate Brokerage. We are offering the Top commission package and    BEST career opportunity in real estate.  We are seeking a licensed Sales & Broker Associates who would like to join our team to serve in Ontario.

01. Fee and Commission split:

(a) $365.00 annual fee. 

(b) $0.00 monthly fee zero-there is No monthly fee.

(c) No other fees like monthly office fee, desk fee, admin fee, messaging/ paging fee or franchise fee, etc.

(d) $500.00 documentation managing fee on each sale purchase or commercial lease transactions and

$250.00 documentation managing fee on each residential lease transactions.

Option#1 90/10 commission until brokerage reaches an annual low cap of $10K after that 95/05 commission to the Realtor with no brokerage cap.

Option#2 80/20 commission until brokerage reaches an annual low cap of $15K after that 100% commission to the Realtor.

02. Hiring Bonus:- If you refer a new Realtor to Team Home Realty Inc., we pay you, not only one time, every year up to $1,500.00 bonus for each Realtor referred. Ask for more details. 

03. Mentorship & Training:- We understand new agents need more help. That’s why we have mentors for you. Your mentor  will help you to understand & prepare all trade documents. You can have mentor services until you feel confident to work independently. Your inexperience will not be hurdle in your success.

Daily motivational emails and real estate training through email series/live webinars.

04. Design support:- Brokerage will design your business card, sale sign, direction sign, open house sign, house for sale flyer, just sold flyer, social media page design etc.

05. Online advertisement:- Brokerage advertises you and your listing on regular basis on social media.

06. Office Support:- Full-time broker of record, mentors, office admin support just a phone call away. 

07. Agent Webpage:- Free Agent webpage on brokerage website.

08. Free Messaging :- :- No cost for messaging services. Our admin staff will take your all messages and deliver to you.

09. Direct Deposit:- No charge for direct deposit to Realtors® means no rush to run to the office to collect your commission cheque.

10. Easy Exit Policy:- We believe your listings are your listings, you can move them with you to another brokerage with the seller's permission. There is no cost or contract condition that stops you to switch brokerage, just 24 hrs. notice.    

A POWERFUL training system for our agent.

We offer free of cost ledger edge training course to our agents. Here are outline of this course.


01. Your Success Awaits  

02. Business Planning

03. Maximizing Referrals

04. Lead Generation

05. Geo Farms, FSBOs & Expireds

06. Listing Appointments

07. Pricing Strategies

08. Objection Handling

09. Protecting Your Commission

10. Working With Buyers

11. Negotiation Skills

12. Technology & Websites

13. Social Media

14. Marketing Strategies

15. Time Management

16. Team Building

Our Powerful Training System
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Team Home Realty Inc. , Real Estate Brokerage
Team Home Realty Inc. , Brokerage
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