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Park Real Estate Licence

Park Real Estate Licence and earn 80% referral fee

Team Home Realty Inc. Real Estate Brokerage, Our office located at Cambridge Ontario, provides real estate licence parking services. If you are interested to park your real estate licence then you are at right page.  

What is Parking Real Estate Licence?

Sometimes called Warehousing or Shelving, Parking is the term used for registering your Real Estate license with a Licensed office that does not belong to a Real Estate Board nor any Association (CREA and OREA). You are still a fully licensed Registrant with RECO, but you do not have to pay any of the associated dues or fees related to the Boards or Associations.

What are cost to park real estate licence and referral fee earning with us?

You will be paying RECO fee and E&O insurance and Team Home Realty fee.

Team Home Realty Fee:- $100.00 every calendar year.

Please refer joining contract for referral fee.

What are saving, if I park real estate licence?

You save real estate board fee, CREA fee, OREA fee. Remember as you will not be member of Real Estate board, CREA and OREA, you will not have the benefit of their services too.

Who should consider parking real estate licence?

Parking Real Estate Licence option is suitable for salespersons/brokers:-

salesperon/broker getting retired but still have clints to refer another agents to earn referral fee.

salesperon/broker who are not ready to serve in real estate, may be you are new and need time to start-up or may be you are busy with other projects for and still want to maintain their real estate licence.

Can you receive referral fee as parked real estate licence holder?

Yes, You can receive referral fees from any registered real estate sales representatives or brokers throughout Canada. 

Can I search and book the house showing as parked real estate licence holder?

You will not have access to the MLS system like matrix.itsorealestate.ca  or torontomls.net to find the properties and to book showing as our regular agents/Realtors have "ShowTime or Brokerbay", but

you can search though www.realtor.ca (www.mls.ca) and book showing by calling listing agent/listing agent office. 

Can I show house as parked real estate licence holder?
Yes, You can change contract from Parking licence holder to regular licence agent/Realtor and join our office with BREB (TREB access) or Waterloo Region Association of Realtors at any time.

How long I can park my real estate licence?
You can park your real estate licence as long as you need, provided you maintain your Licence with RECO.